Areas of Expertise

Project Management

A project manager manages the entire project life cycle, from initiation phase and conceptual design to basic engineering, execution and closing out stages.

The Project manager is the vital link between the client and contractor. At Exzar Group we assign the most suitable candidate on our team to satisfy the client’s requirements and drive the project to completion, on time and within budget.

Risk Management

Risk managers are responsible for managing the risk to the organisation, its employees, customers, reputation, assets and interests of stakeholders. They may work in a variety of sectors and may specialize in a number of areas including: enterprise risk, regulatory and operational risk, business continuity, technology risk, market and credit risk.

Cost Control

The cost engineer controls the entire project budget which consists of the development and capital expenditure funds. Duties include effective cash flow projections and estimation of contingencies and risk, as well as highlighting potential deviations and expenditures. At Exzar Group we seek the optimum balance between cost, quality and time requirements.


Procurement and supply management involves buying the goods and services that enable the project to proceed. Here we would be responsible for sourcing raw materials from suppliers worldwide and bringing them into the organization to enable the production of goods for customers. We may also be involved in the procurement of marketing, advertising or IT related services. A company can spend more than two thirds of its revenue on buying goods and services, so even a modest reduction in purchasing costs can have a significant effect on profit.